About RAG

RAG stands for ‘Raising and Giving’ and we are the student fundraising executive committee at the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union (UPSU). We’re responsible for promoting charity fundraising throughout the university and the student body and we do this by:

  • Working with all other student groups throughout UPSU.
    • We try to help, support and promote fundraising events hosted by all student groups within the Union. We work closely with the Athletic Union (AU) through their AU RAG Exec member and with Societies through their Societies Fundraising Exec member. By working together, we can make sure that as many people know about student fundraising¬†events as possible. Email us at rag@upsu.net if your student group wants to get more involved!
  • Keeping up to date with the best new events being run across the country.
    • Every year we go to the national RAG Conference where RAGs from around the UK meet up and share the biggest and best events and ideas from the previous year. We’re joined by charity representatives who can also advise us on new opportunities. Finally, there’s the National RAG Awards; we’re hoping to get RAG Portsmouth up there soon!
  • Running amazing international challenges for charity.
    • For years we’ve been offering Portsmouth students once in a lifetime opportunities to do things like cycle from London to Paris, trek across the Andes to Machu Picchu and even climb Mount Kilimanjaro! We’ve extended our trips for next year to include the Budapest Marathon, an Arctic survival trip, volunteering in Romania as well as climbing to Everest Base Camp! See our ‘International Challenges’ page for more information.
  • Hosting a wide variety our own charity fundraising events.
    • We host regular fundraising events such as Lost, RAG Ball, Jailbreak, skydives, Take Me Out and more! Check out our ‘National Adventures’ and ‘Portsmouth Events’ pages to find out more.
  • Organising local street collections and national mega raids.
    • One of the best ways to explore a new city is to join in on one of our street collections! Bust out some eye catching fancy dress, grab a bucket and spend a couple of hours asking people for their spare change for some amazing causes. Then, drop off your bucket with RAG and the rest of the day is yours! Sometimes we do overnight stays in cities like London so you’ll have the chance to check out the nightlife as well.
  • Keeping track of all the fundraising done by UoP students to celebrate our big end of year total!
    • The University of Portsmouth and UPSU collectively raise over ¬£100,000 a year for charity! It’s an incredible amount of money and we’re so proud to have such an amazing community of student fundraisers!