Challenge Leader Text Trials

So you’ve had your Challenge Leader interview and now it’s time for the text trial! This is a really important part of our selection process as it helps us to assess your ability to think on your feet, manage lots of connections and get the most out of your recruits.

Members of the RAG Committee will be acting as your challenge company (Sam Whittaker), International Events Coordinator (Annie White), charity (David Ayton) and your recruits (Lucie Cook, Lydia Wilson, Annice Thackery). We will be texting you with little issues and questions throughout Friday 22nd and Saturday 21st – do your best to respond to these as you would if you were already a Challenge Leader.


1. What if I don’t know what the right answer to a question is?

That’s absolutely fine! It’s likely this will happen in the first few months of your role and that is what the International Events Coordinator is for. However, try to use your initiative and don’t just rely on Annie; there might be times when she’s busy and your recruits might need an answer asap! You can also ask your challenge company or charity any questions that you think are more appropriate for them; they know their areas in more detail than Annie will.

2. What if I’m busy over the weekend/at work?

Everyone has things they have to juggle and we understand that. However, bear in mind that you will may have up to 20 recruits and some of them may be more needy that others. Just dropping them a text letting them know you can’t respond is better than just ignoring them.

3. What if my phone breaks?

If this happens, email to let Annie White know and she will work with you to come up with an alternative plan.

4. Are these realistic representations of being a challenge leader?

While this is obviously a condensed representation, it is fairly accurate. You would probably have to deal with this amount of work over a couple of weeks rather than a couple of days.

5. How seriously are you taking this trial?

Extremely. Over the past three years that we have run this trial, we have noticed that it is a very good representation of how challenge leaders work throughout the year. We’re really interested in seeing how you deal with the issues that we raise and how you work with the challenge company, charity and International Events Coordinator.


Good luck and have fun with it!