National Adventures

We run lots of adventure challenges here in the UK for those of you who want to push the boundaries but don’t have the time to dedicate to our big challenges. More information will be released about these events later in the year (things like sign up fees, charity fundraising targets and event dates) but here’s a run down of some of the national adventures we regularly run.



Lost sees you dropped off at a mystery location with nothing but your friends and your wits about you. It’s a race back to Portsmouth. The only catch? You can’t spend any money. We’ve had teams convince train conductors to let them sneak on the train for a while, we’ve had teams hitchhiking and we’ve even had a dramatic foot race at the very end! Throughout the day you’ll have a list of challenges to complete and there are prizes for the winners. Lost is always a hugely popular challenge and we’ll be running several throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled for our first one!



The complete opposite of Lost, Jailbreak challenges you to get as far away from Portsmouth as possible. Again, you’re not allowed to spend a penny! We’ve had teams end up in Ireland, Sicily and even Istanbul before. Do you think you could get break the record?



We have thrown quite a few people out of planes for charity now and we don’t intend on stopping now! You will be doing a tandem skydive with a qualified instructor so there is nothing for you to worry about… except actually leaping from the plane. We should be offering several dates throughout the academic year for this so keep an eye out for more information.


Three Peaks

For a trekking/hiking challenge within the UK, we are looking into providing a Three Peaks Challenge. This will see you tackle the three highest mountains in Scotland, Wales and England (Ben Nevis in Scotland, Mount Snowden in Wales and Scafell Pike in England) all in 24 hours. Travel, accommodation, guides and support are all provided for you during this, one of our toughest national adventures.


Mega Raids

Mega Raids are huge street collections in some of the biggest cities in the UK. Street collections see us dress up in our best and brightest fancy dress and ask people on the street for any spare change for charity. It’s a perfect chance to raise some money for your favourite causes and explore new places. We’ve done loads of collections in London and even travelled to Dublin last year and will be offering many more in 2016/17.

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