Portsmouth Events

One of our favourite things to do is to run loads of different types of charity fundraising events, right here in Portsmouth. If you want to get some experience in events management, drop ragevents@upsu.net an email to register your interest in helping us to plan one of our events.

We’ll be releasing more information later in the year, such as exact dates, location as well as how to get a ticket or sign up. If you’re super keen on one of these events, email rag@upsu.net to get added to our event specific mailing lists!


Scavenger Hunt

  • Want to find the best that Portsmouth has to offer? We’ll be teaming up with some of our favourite local businesses and sending students all around the city to explore bars, restaurants, shops and more! First team to make it back with all challenges complete wins!

Zombie Run

  • Are you brave enough to take part in our 5k zombie run? We’ll be hosting the run near Halloween but we’re *pretty* sure there won’t be any real zombies… Maybe.

Murder Mystery Night

  • We’ll be hosting a suave, sophisticated charity gala, like any self respecting RAG should. Unfortunately, it won’t go to plan as *DUN DUN DUN!* there’s a murder! Can you help us solve it?


  • Could you walk over hot coals for charity? Go on. We dare you!

Big Brother

  • We’ll be locking some of the biggest names in UPSU up for a weekend and setting them some pretty brutal challenges. The whole thing will be live streamed so you can watch them from the comfort of your own home and text in donations to vote for your favorites!

Take Me Out

  • Back again for the second year, Take Me Out runs along the same lines of ITV’s dating game show! We’ll have a brave group of guys and girls ready to wow the audience in the hopes of landing themselves a date ready for Valentine’s.

First Dates

  • Taking inspiration from Channel 4’s brilliant show, First Dates returns to Portsmouth as we try to set up some brand new couples around Valentine’s Day.

RAG Ball

  • RAG Ball is reaching its fifth anniversary! This is our biggest annual event and it promises to be even bigger and even better than ever! Themes in the past have included James Bond, Masquerade and last year was Fire and Ice. Keep your eyes peeled for more details about RAG Ball 2017!